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Food sovereignty—the right of peoples to choose their own food production systems—is an important assertion of rights for farmers and local communities around the world. This issue of the ACAS Bulletin explores efforts to reassert food sovereignty in Africa.

Read ACAS Bulletin 88 – Reclaiming Food Sovereignty in Africa

Africa’s capital losses from illicit financial flows far outweigh inflows from aid or direct foreign investment. But what can be done? It is essential to understand that this depends on the same global system that handles “offshore investments” by Mitt Romney and others in the global 1%. Fall, 2012 issue.

Read ACAS Bulletin 87 – Africa’s Capital Losses: What Can Be Done?

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6 October 2014 : Ebola crisis

ACAS shares some diverse comments on the Ebola crisis:






13 January 2014 : South Sudan Conflict

Current events in South Sudan are most complex and harrowing, with peace much needed. The articles below, two by ACAS members, provide a range of useful information and viewpoints to help understand and guide action:

The Political Struggle in South Sudan: Peace, Democracy and Reconstruction instead of war
CounterPunch,  JANUARY 10-12, 2014

Has South Sudan passed the tipping point? No signs of a ceasefire as violence intensifies
Eric Reeves Pambazuka 2014-01-08

South Sudan: Reflections on Crisis
AfricaFocus Bulletin January 13, 2014

17 December 2013 : Central African Republic: updates

Four updates shared by Sarah Milburn for ACAS, three from Amnesty International team in Bangui

and the fourth by Louisa Lombard:

14 December 2013 : Central African Republic: Whose Responsibility to Protect? (AfricaFocus Bulletin)

November 27, 2013  Central African Republic: Whose Responsibility to Protect?  (Reposted from sources cited below)
AfricaFocus Bulletin Editor’s note: 

“In the Central African Republic, the scale of the humanitarian crisis is undeniable; the threat of even greater escalation of violence and chaos is real. And there is a consensus that greater international action is essential. But the questions of who does what when, and who pays, remain unanswered. France is sending additional troops to reinforce the African peacekeeping force now in place, but the processes for funding and coordinating African Union and United Nations multilateral actions are still in slowmotion mode….” read more

5 December 2013 : Salute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

The Association of Concerned Africa Scholars salutes the life of a great fighter for freedom, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. We send our condolences to his family and to the people of South Africa. He stood unflinchingly for the achievement of fairness, equality and a social peace predicated on justice. He inspired us all with his courage and steadfast dedication to freedom for all, and we are honored to have been associated with the causes to which he dedicated his life.  Hamba gatle, Madiba.