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20 April 2010
US Foreign Aid Bill: $8 billion “shall” go to GMO research

The “Global Food Security” bill is back. After its introduction in the Senate a year ago, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton have been quietly pressing for this piece of legislation that aims to fight global hunger with one hand while orchestrating a giant taxpayer subsidy to pesticide and ag biotech companies with the other. The bill, also known as the Lugar-Casey Act — for Senators Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Robert Casey (D-PA) — would refocus aid programs on agricultural development, with a caveat: public funding of genetically engineered (GE) seeds is what this bill means by “agricultural development.”

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1 April 2010
Conference on Zimbabwe: Dare to Shape the Future (April 15-16, 2010)

The conference takes place at a time when there are major debates regarding U.S. policy towards Zimbabwe in light of the formation of the Inclusive Government. A key question of contention is whether the U.S. should continue with the Zimbabwe Economic and Democracy Recovery Act (of 2001) and the Executive Order of 2003, both of which impose targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe, or move to a new policy of support and engagement with the Inclusive Government. In the last few months there have been congressional initiatives to review current U.S. legislation on Zimbabwe and explore opportunities for a new U.S. policy with both the House and Senate holding hearings on Zimbabwe. As a sign of an already changing U.S. policy, there have been two high-level bi-partisan Congressional delegations to Zimbabwe in the last six months – a major policy shift given the fact that the U.S. had practically cut ties with Zimbabwe prior to the formation of the Inclusive Government.

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