ACAS Bulletin 79: Special Issue on Zimbabwe Crisis

Table of Contents:

Timothy Scarnecchia and Wendy Urban-Mead, Guest co-editors

Can Elections End Mugabe’s Dictatorship?
Norma Kriger

Methodism and Socio-Political Action in Zimbabwe: 2000-2007
Jimmy G. Dube

An Analysis of the Emerging Political Dispensation in South Africa — Parallels Between ZCTU-MDC and COSATU’s Relationship to ANC
Augustine Hungwe

Reaping the Bitter Fruits of Stalinist Tendencies in Zimbabwe
Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni

An Academic’s Journalism in the Zimbabwean Interregnum
David Moore

Operation ‘Final Solution’: Intimidation and Violence Against White Farmers in Post-Election Zimbabwe
Amy E. Ansell

Zimbabwe: Ndira Body Found
Peta Thornycroft

“Letter from Harare–May 8, 2008”

An Open Letter to South African President Thabo Mbeki
Wendy Urban-Mead

Editorial: In Zimbabwe Today, Politics is Violence
Timothy Scarnecchia