ACAS Bulletin 85: US militarization of the Sahara-Sahel: Security, Space & Imperialism

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Securitizing the Sahara | pdf
Jacob Mundy


From GSPC to AQIM: The evolution of an Algerian islamist terrorist group into an Al-Qa‘ida Affiliate and its implications for the Sahara-Sahel region | pdf
Stephen Harmon

War on ‘terror’: Africom, the kleptocratic state and under-class militancy in West Africa-Nigeria | pdf
Caroline Ifeka

Counterterrorism and democracy promotion in the Sahel under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama from September 11, 2001, to the Nigerien Coup of February 2010 | pdf
Alex Thurston


Western Sahara and the United States’ geographical imaginings | pdf
Konstantina Isidoros

The Western Sahara conflict: regional and international repercussions | pdf
Yahia H Zoubir

Sahelian blowback: what’s happening in Mali?
Vijay Prashad

All quiet on the West Africa front: terrorism, tourism and poverty in Mauritania
Anne E. McDougall

Dialogue: The origins of AFRICOM: the Obama administration, the Sahara-Sahel and US Militarization of Africa | pdf

Part One: Introduction by Stephen Chan
Part Two: Contribution from Daniel Volman
Part Three: Contribution from Jeremy Keenan