ACAS Bulletin 88 – Reclaiming Food Sovereignty in Africa

Food sovereignty—the right of peoples to choose their own food production systems—is an important assertion of rights for farmers and local communities around the world. This issue of the ACAS Bulletin explores efforts to reassert food sovereignty in Africa.

Fall 2012
Special Bulletin Editors: Noah Zerbe and Brian Dowd-Uribe
Bulletin Editors: Timothy Scarnecchia and Peter Limb

Table of Contents

Introduction | pdf
Noah Zerbe and Brian Dowd-Uribe

Philanthropy and Sovereignty: A Critical Feminist Exploration of the Gates Foundation’s Approach to Gender and Agricultural Development | pdf
Ashley Fent

Water Grows Food: Dry Season Farming, Food Sovereignty, and Integrated Water Resource Management in Burkina Faso | pdf
Brian Dowd-Uribe, Carla Roncoli, and Ben Orlove

Food Security and Safety Nets: NGOs in Northern Mozambique | pdf
Miriam Chaiken, J. Richard Dixon, and Agy Herminio

Famine Myths: Five Misunderstandings Related to the 2011 Hunger Crisis in the Horn of Africa | pdf
William G. Moseley

The Global Politics of Local Food: Community Resistance and Resilience in eThekwini, South Africa | pdf
Noah Zerbe

Open Letter: Post-Olympic ‘Long-term Solutions’ to Africa’s Hunger Very Short-Sighted | pdf
Carol Thompson

Statement by the ACAS Food Sovereignty Taskforce | pdf

Download the entire Bulletin in PDF here: pdf